Java EE Application Model

  • The Java EE application model begins with the Java programming language and the Java virtual machine. The proven portability, security, and developer productivity they provide form the basis of the application model. 
  • The Java EE application model defines an architecture for implementing services as multi tier applications that deliver the scalability, accessibility, and manageability needed by enterprise-level applications. 
  • Java EE is designed to support applications that implement enterprise services for customers, employees, suppliers,partners, and others who make demands on or contributions to the enterprise. Such applications are inherently complex, potentially accessing data from a variety of sources and distributing applications to a variety of clients.To better control and manage these applications, the business functions to support these various users are conducted in the middle tier. 
  • The middle tier represents an environment that is closely controlled by an enterprise's information technology department. The middle tier is typically run on dedicated server hardware and has access to the full services of the enterprise.