CGI Java Interview Questions

Company Name :  CGI 

Interview Questions:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Tell me about your project architecture ?
  • Why string is immutable in java?
  • Code for Retrieving key value pairs form Hash Map by using entry interface ?
  • What is single ton where you used in your application? Single ton thread safety ? Static methods in single ton?
  • Difference between Aggregation and composition ? where you used in application ?
  • Disadvantages of Hibernate in distribute applications ?
  • Fetching strategies in Hibernate ?
  • Inverse tag ,cascade tags what is use ?
  • Difference between update and merge method s ?
  • How you done version control in your application development?
  • How you find no of users are looking it to you are site without using listeners ?
  • How you  achieve loose  coupling in Spring IOC?
  • What is Formbacking method in spring MVC simple corm controller ?
  • Validations in spring MVC ?
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