Opening for Engineers to Build Java Virtual Machine @ Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Publish Date:27th June 2014
Company Name:
Oracle India Pvt Ltd 
Job Location:Bangalore
Experience: 5 - 9 years
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Contact Email :
Job Description :
  • Hands on experience with writing real world J2SE applications 
  • Strong expertise with JDK language, compiler and core libraries 
  • Experience in Java Language: Java Compiler, Java Tools, Java Language Support, Invoke Dynamic, Lambda and Annotations
  • Experience in Java Core Platform Libraries: Libraries, Networking, XML, JNDI, CORBA, JDBC, SQL, JavaDB
  • Experience in Java Platform Security: PKI, SSL, Kerberos, S/MIME, Cryptography, Fuzzing Tools, Static Analysis Tools (Fortify, FindBugs, Coverity)