Openings for Sr Java Developers @ Volantis Technologies Pvt Ltd

Publish Date:12th December 2013
Company Name:Volantis Technologies Pvt Ltd

Location: Bangalore
Experience: 6 – 9 years
Contact Mail : Please send resumes to
Company URL:
Job Description :

  • Developed multithreaded components (parallelism, synchronization, contention issues, semaphores)
  • Data structures (hash map, array list, etc) underlying implementation, which structure to use, cost of inserts/lookups
  • Straight JDBC: transactions, exception handling, prepared statements, SQL, ACID
  • Databases: can manipulate Postgres, MySQL or DB2 (create, lookup, create index, store procedure..)
  • Design: object oriented programming, understand importance of modular code, encapsulation, extensibility,
  • Testing: has written unit tests (Junit) Some minimum level of comfort with Linux is a must (command line, ssh, etc..)
  • Knowledge on Linux is a must (command line, ssh, etc..)