Web Services Implementation

  • Application Server (web service-enabled)
    • Provides implementation of services and exposes it through WSDL/SOAP
    • implementation in Java, as EJB, as .NET (C#) etc.
  • SOAP server
    • implements the SOAP protocol
  • HTTP server
    • standard Web server
  • SOAP client
    • implements the SOAP protocol on the client site 
The implementation of web services (in runtime) requires in particular the support of the SOAP protocol on the server and the client site. At the server this support is provided by a SOAP server that uses the HTTP server for transporting SOAP messages. The applications implementing the service can be implemented in any implementation platform, ranging from simple programming languages to application services, that support a web service front-end. It is irrelevant what exactly the interface between the SOAP server and application server is and to which degree exposing applications as web services is automated (e.g. whether web services can be automatically generated from application server components such as EJBs). These solutions are vendor-specific.