Java Interview Questions and Answers @ Neev Technologies

Company Name :  Neev Technologies

Interview Questions:
    Technical Round:
      • Tell me about interface?
      • Tell me about Abstract Classes?
      • You have both interface and Abstract classes for the same Requirement. What do you choose?
      • Explain about Threads? View Answer
      • Explain about Runnable, Thread?
      • ake Library Management System and Write Models and mappings for each relation?
      • Take One JSP in that we have form and take two or three form components
      • Write the only Required (Not Whole) JSPs, Controller, Xml and actions. Using Struts2 and Spring MVC.
      • Result Set View Answer
      • Oracle Joins for above Library Management System
      • Hibernate HQL/Criteria for above Library Management System
      • Build Script(Ant)
      • JUNIT
      • HTTPS
      • Web services
      • Do you have experience for creating Web Service components?
      • Have you used annotations for web services?
      • Do have Knowledge on HTML & CSS & JAVA SCRIPT &JQuery?
                                          Project Manager round:
                                            • Which is the Huge Project in your projects?
                                            • How many team Members?
                                            • How many testers?
                                            • Who are the superiors for your project?
                                            • Is there any architect for your project?
                                            • Who is client?
                                            • Have you interacted with client?
                                            • Is there any web component for your project?
                                            • The web component deployed in your company local server or client server?
                                            • You kept in your resume you are familiar with analyzing and designing how do you do that?
                                            • How many pages are there in your FD Document?
                                            • You have nearly 2 yrs of Hibernate Experience. Have you faced any issues while using hibernate?
                                            • Why did you change your 1st company within one year?
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