Accenture Java Interview Questions and Answers

Company Name :  Accenture

Interview Questions:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Explain about Abstract Classes?
  • If my class is having 5 abstract methods then can I make it as an interface? Ans: Yes
  • What is Log4j ? Can I override the logger class?
  • Can I display  logging messages on the console? Ans: Yes
  • Which cvs tool are you using? What are the methods that are there?  Ans: Commit(), Update()
  • When I don’t want to commit the ResultSet obj content, what to do?  Ans :  Con.setAutoCommit(“false”);
  • Can I call a procedure from a Hibernate? How? Ans: Yes
  • Can I use a big query in Hibernate?
  • Difference b/w Checked & Unchecked Exception?
  • What are the different Scopes in JSP ? Ans: request, page, session, application 
  • How to disable “Cache” ? Ans: <% resp.setHeader(“cache-control”, ”no-cache”);%> 
  • What is IoC in Spring ? 
  • What are the differences between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext?

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