What is RESTful Web Services ?

  • REpresentational State Transfer 
    • Representational: Clients possess the information necessary to identify, modify, and/or delete a web resource.
    • State: All resource state information is stored on the client.
    • Transfer : Client state is passed from the client to the service through HTTP.
  • An architectural style for designing distributed systems
  • Not a standard, but rathar a set of constraints
    • Client/Server,Stateless, Uniform Interface,etc
  • Not tied to HTTP,but associated most commonly with in. 
  • It is an architectural pattern for developing web services as opposed to a specification.
  • REST web services communicate over the HTTP specification, using HTTP vocabulary:
    • Methods (GET, POST, etc.)
    • HTTP URI syntax (paths, parameters, etc.)
    • Media types (xml, json, html, plain text, etc)
    • HTTP Response codes.