Recently asked Infosys interview questions for 2+ Yrs Experience

Company Name :  Infosys

Sent By:  Kiran Kumar

Interview Questions:
  1. when we go for abstract class and interface?
  2. Difference between abstract class and interface .
  3. difference between final,finally,finalize in java.
  4. how to handle the exceptions in java and is finally necessary statement ?
  5. what are the Steps to create JDBC application.
  6. difference between Statement and PreparedStatement.
  7. what is lazy fetching in hibernate? View Answer
  8. Can we have number of main() in same class?
  9. can we have multiple main() in different classes?
  10. difference between method overloading and method overriding.
  11. difference between checked and unchecked exceptions.examples
  12. give me an example for NullPointerException.
  13. explain me a flow of application in Struts.
  14. difference between forward() and sendRedirect() 
  15. difference between equals() and ==in java.

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