Polaris Java Interview Questions

Company Name :  Polaris

Interview Questions:

  1. Tell me about your self?
  2. Explain your current project ?
  3. What is static in java?
  4. What is the use of singleton class ?
  5. Oracle Thin Driver comes under which type of Driver ?
  6. Is it possible to write methods in JSP ? If so, how ?
  7. Can u write final method in abstract class ?
  8. Difference between method overloading and overriding ?
  9. What is Difference between interface and abstract class ?
  10. How to get the sessionfactory obj in hibernate ? View Answer
  11. What is the difference between exception and error?
  12. Difference between java.util.date and java.sql.date ?
  13. What is comparator ? View Answer
  14. We have equals() to compare two methods then why comparator again ?
  15. Which type of EJB can use bean pooling ?
  16. How can you call an EJB from a JSP/Servlet ?
  17. Who is loading the init() method of servlet? 

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