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Interview Questions:
  1. Tell me about your self ?
  2. Explain about your current project ?
  3. Difference between Vector and arraylist? View Answer
  4. Difference between Hashtable and hashmap? View Answer
  5. Difference between int and Integer ?
  6. Difference between Struts mvc and Spring mvc
  7. What is Spring AOP ?
  8. Write a HQL query?                                                                      Ans: HQL stands for Hibernate Query Language. Hibernate allows the user to express queries in its own portable SQL extension and this is called as HQL. It also allows the user to express in native SQL.
  9. write a named query and retrive the data from it
  10. Difference between get() and load() diff in hibernate ?
       Load() method:
    • Only use the load() method if you are sure that the object exists.
    • load() method will throw an exception if the unique id is not found in the database.
    • load() just returns a proxy by default and database won't be hit until the proxy is first invoked.
      Get() method:
    • If you are not sure that the object exists, then use one of the get()methods.
    • get() will hit the database immediately.
    • get() method will return null if the unique id is not found in the database.                             
  11. how to integrate struts and hibernate
  12. Write a mapping file in hibernate
  13. Which  configurations available in hibernate configuration file
  14. what is the use of reset method in actionform
  15. Difference between forward and send redirect?
  16. JSP declaraions and expresions sytax?
  17. Explain Struts flow ?
  18. Explain Validations in struts?
  19. What is jsp init()? 

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