Openings for Core Java/J2ee Developer @ Oracle India

Publish Date: 19th April 2013  
Company Name: Oracle India Pvt Ltd.
Location: Bangalore
Experience: 4 – 9 years
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Company URL:
Job Description:
  • Java Concurrency: multi-threading, locking, synchronization free concurrency implementation, Java concurrency patterns, etc.
  • Java Design and Abstraction: designing classes and interface, using patterns effectively, documenting APIs clearly, planning for extension, design for testability
  • Java Tuning and Debugging: general Java tuning, multi-threaded performance consideration, sophisticated online debugging, heap dump analysis, J2EE execution environment debugging
  • Advanced Java Experience: hierarchical class loaders, runtime class loading, reflection APIs, use of generics in API design
  • Java + Database: core JDBC experience, ORM persistence frameworks, resource pooling and cleanup, datatype conversion
  • OS Automation and Integration: scripting (sh, perl, etc.), Linux/Solaris tool familiarity, OS resource management, job management
  • Networking: transport protocols,security, load balancing, routing, performance
  • Specific Application Domain Knowledge: e.g. J2EE, Web services, SOA architecture, Identity Management, High Availability architectures, scalable design and deployment, virtualization