Wipro Java Interview Questions

Company Name :  Wipro Technologies

Interview Questions:
  • Tell me about your self? 
  • Explain OOP's concepts in java?
  • In what cases you will use Abstract Class and Interfaces?
  • What is stack and heap memory in java?
  • What is runtime exceptions? Give some examples?
  • Write a actual singleton java class?
  • Wite a program to print the given array in reverse order {2,5,3,1,4} ?
  • What is the difference between sleep() and wait() methods?
  • What is the difference between Thread class and Runnable interface in Java?
  • Explain Servelt life cycle ?
  • Difference between forward() and sendRedirect() ?
  • How JSP handle runtime Exceptions?
  • Why hibernate?, Why not JDBC?
  • What is the importance of SessionFactory in Hibernate?
  • Difference between merge() and Update() methods?
  • What is Secondary level cache in hibernate?
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