Top Spring Interview Questions

  1. What is Spring IOC Container ?
  2. Does Singleton from Spring Container is thread safe?
  3. Why Spring MVC is better than Struts?
  4. What is benefit of using JdbcTemplate ? Why should you use JdbcTemplate in Spring ?
  5. How do you handle SQLException in Spring?
  6. How to you setup JDBC connection pool in Spring etc.
  7. interview questions from JDBC in Spring is not that many, but you should be familiar with JdbcTemplate.
  8. What is Spring Integration?
  9. How to call remote method by RMI using Spring
  10. What scheduling feature Spring framework provides?
  11. How do you make a Singleton bean to lazy load in ApplicationContext which loads all Singleton beans eagerly during startup?
  12. Does Spring Security part of Spring framework?
  13. How to configure Spring using Annotation
  14. Which version of Spring have you used recently and what is difference you observed from previous spring version?