Siemens Java Interview Questions

Company Name : Siemens

Interview Questions :
  1. How do you configure using spring mvc with DAO class ?
  2. how to include one jsp into anther jsp? which tag we are use write it ?
  3. How to connect more than one database in hibernate ?
  4. I want change my database instead of oracle using MySQL in hibernate where we configure ? which class u r use ?
  5. How many ways possible Multi Threading? which ways is better ?
  6. How to write form bean tags in your struts-configuration file ?
  7. I have 4 action classes i want get second action class how can i get it ? where are you configure? can u write code ?
  8. Tell me about single thread model in servlets?
  9. What is serialization? how can you achieve it?where are implement in your project?
  10. How can you achieve encapsulation your project?
  11. what are the problems you get doing hibernate projects?
  12. how can you connect more than one database in your hibernate application?
  13. Difference between dialect and driver?
  14. Is it possible without hibernate mapping file doing hibernate application?
  15. Is it possible without hibernate configuration file doing hibernate application?
  16. Class states in hibernate?
  17. How can you increase connection pool-size in web logic?
  18. How integrate your project in spring with hibernate?
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