Recently Asked Infosys Java Interview Questions

Company Name : Infosys

Interview Questions:
    1. Why native methods are used ?
    2. How do you declare a page as Error Page. What tag you include in a JSP page so that it goes to specified error page in case of an exception ?
    3. Difference between Include Directive & Include Tag ?
    4. Servlet is a java class. So, can there be a constructor in Servlet class or not ? Why ?
    5. What's the difference between forward & include tags? What URL (absolute or relative) is used in RequestDispatcher forward?
    6. Is it possible to write methods in JSP ? If so, how ?
    7. Difference between JSP & Servlets ?
    8. Difference between Hashtable & HashMap ?
    9. By default, Hashtable is unordered. Then, how can you retrieve Hashtable elements in the same order as they are put inside?
    10. Which type of EJB can use bean pooling ?
    11. How can you call an EJB from a JSP/Servlet ?
    12. How to configure Data Source in WebSphere server ?
    13. Oracle Thin Driver comes under which type of Driver ?
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