JDBC DatabaseMetaData Object

The Connection object can be used to get a DatabaseMetaData object.This object provides more than 100 methods to obtain information about the database.

Metadata is data about data. In JDBC, you use the Connection.getMetaData() method to return a DatabaseMetaData object. The DatabaseMetaData class contains more than 100 methods for obtaining information about a database.

The following are some examples of DatabaseMetaData methods:
  • getColumnPrivileges(): Get a description of the access rights for a table's columns.
  • getColumns(): Get a description of table columns.
  • getDatabaseProductName(): Get the name of this database product.
  • getDriverName() : Get the name of this JDBC driver.
  • storesLowerCaseIdentifiers(): Does the database store mixed-case SQL identifiers in lower case?
  • supportsAlterTableWithAddColumn(): Is ALTER TABLE with add column supported?
  • supportsFullOuterJoins(): Are full nested outer joins supported?