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Interview Questions:

1. Tell me about yourself ?

2. Explain about your current project ? 

3. How many types of literals are there in JAVA ? View Answer

4. What is meant by Garbage collection ?  View Answer

5. Diffference btw string s= new string (); and string s = "abv"; ?
6. What is singleton class? where is it used ? View Answer

7. What is the difference between JSP and Servlets ? View Answer 

8. What is the difference in using request.getRequestDispatcher() and context.getRequestDispatcher()? View Answer

9. How the JSP file will be executed on the Server side ? View Answer

10. What is ActionServlet ? View Answer

11. What is Struts Validator Framework ? View Answer

12. What is the difference between the Session and SessionFactory in hibernate ? View Answer

13. What is HQL ? View Answer

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